Day 10

Good news in the garden today! It seems my kale plants have taken and are looking pretty well adjusted. I feel in some ways that I cheated nature by planting them as babies and not seedlings, but who cares! I, Erica Kelly, with thumbs as green as a trash can, actually nurtured something into a place other than death. Celebration! If only my garlic cloves showed such promise…

I bought a rosemary plant the other day (for probably too much) at Fresh Market. It seems that every house in the historic district has one of these bad boys growing rampant and wild in their landscape; so I thought I’d give it a try:

He looks like the rampant type.

A little jade plant (and friends) joined the garden today as well. He was begging to get out of the tiny pot he came in. When I went to transfer him, his soil was practically dust. I don’t know how he managed to stay green for so long!

Anyway, here’s to hoping he likes his new home. Of course, only after I planted him in a mixture of native soil and organic soil did I notice the label on my soil bag:



day 1

i’m writing this post a bit late, as technically it is day 6. but of course i had to document the beginning.




my iPhoto has decided to delete the photos of my first two days. no, they are not in my iPhoto trash either.

after i got angry, i got over it.


so basically, [insert picture of grungy piece of land by my house]

then, magically [insert picture of patch of ground cleared for square foot garden]

after spending around $40 at my home improvement store (organic soil ain’t cheap! – not to mention i needed basic gardening equipment, being the learner that i am) i sought out to plant a few baby kale and some elephant garlic!

so, until next time –

going green

the idea started from many things.

but mostly, from a trip to an organic food festival followed by the acquaintance of a certain gardener who offered to teach me her ways in exchange for my time and eagerness to learn.

clearly, i got the better end of the deal.

this blog serves as a catalog of my days attempting to become self sustaining through organic gardening.